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2011 in Review

Staff of Hope was established in 2001 believing that we should love our neighbors. We believe out partners in East Africa do not want free handouts, but a neighbor to join then, helping them to become self-sustaining. Valuing service and giving of one-self, we believe that those who give are themselves blessed. Over the ten years of this ministry, many people from different states and different countries have demonstated that we share these same beliefs. The Borad of Directors thank you for your partnership.

United, we are impacting the lives of thousands each year in East Africa:
  • 30,000 people per year receive clean water from our newly drilled wells
  • Over 200 students now receive education from a top ranked high school
  • Beginning in February, over 100 girls will benefit from an on-site dormatory at the secondary school
  • Daily dozens receive primary medical care, treating diseases, providing safe births and more

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