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November 2016

Loving our neighbors and glorifying God

In August 2016, ten members from a church in North Carolina traveled to Kenya.  This group mixed a lot of concrete and carried a lot of solid concrete blocks.  The people from this church worked very hard to construct housing for two of our teachers on our school compound and constructed a small building to be used as a canteen and an office.

The physical work this team did with the Kenyans during the two-week trip really helped our school, yet the trip was more than working with bricks and concrete.  The church group and the Kenyans were building neighbors.  Jesus instructs us to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  This trip allowed people who live on the opposite side of the earth to know each other by name and to build relationships.  This trip helped us all to see the church is connected wherever people gather in His name.

The intention of this letter is to be an invitation to continue the ministry, not only from the group that went over the summer, but also all of the ministry that has been happening over the last fifteen years since Staff of Hope was established in 2001.

Please pray for our neighbors in KenyaPlease prayerfully consider donating, continuing our partnership to help our neighbors in East Africa to be more self-sustaining.  Monetary contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by the law.  For your convenience we have enclosed a pre-addressed envelope to mail in your donations.  Please consider giving not only an annual gift but also making a recurring gift onlinePlease share this letter about Staff of Hope with your church, school, or business.

As you give please consider the impact your gift will make:

$25                           Clean water to a family for a month

$35                           School supplies (lab equipment, books, pencils, etc.)

$60                           Goat to help a family be self-sustaining

$100                        Teacher’s salary for a month

$140                        Cow to help a family be self-sustaining

$400                        Boarding a student at our school for a year

$1,000                    High Impact Team Member (Most critical need)

$5,000                    Constructing the next needed building at our school 

$_______                General Donation (any amount where most needed)


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