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A Few thoughts at Year End

As we close out 2012 we wanted to leave you with a few thoughts on the needs that Staff of Hope are addressing and how you can help.

5 miles

40 lbs

Water is not in arms reach in Kenya and Tanzania.

Young girls must walk 5 miles to get water, from the same source that cows and goats drink, and carry that water back home for their family.  The container these children use holds 5 gallons of water that weighs 40 lbs.  Staff of Hope drills over 20 water wells per year giving cool, clean, and accessible water to more then 20,000 people.  In addition to your normal giving, Staff of Hope has a new way you can help while sharing the African girls’ 5 miles 40 lbs story.  Introducing our new “5 miles 40 lbs” steel water bottle (they also make great Christmas gifts).

1½ hours

108 blankets

The Staff of Hope School, Oloile Secondary, is one of the top ranked high schools in the district.  Many of the girls that attend our school must walk 1½ hours to and from our school every day.  This July we were blessed to open a girls’ dormitory that will provide 108 girls with a bed, a blanket and a safe environment that encourages their education.  This girls’ dorm will save the girls from walking the 1½ hour journey back and forth to school thus allowing them to focus more on their studies.


1 day

3 professionals

Without Staff of Hope’s Elray Woerman Clinic, the Maasai in that community would have to walk 1 day to get the medical care they need.  Our clinic is located in a very rural and needy part of Kenya near the Tanzania boarder.  To meet the variety of needs of the community, our clinic has 3 professionals to provide care:  an Advanced Practice Nurse, a Lab Tech and a Community Health Worker.  In addition to the daily care our 3 medical professionals provide, we have also brought in medical teams from the USA, including the first dental team ever to visit this area.  This clinic is truly a needed place of medical care.

Please donate, continuing our partnership to help our neighbors in East Africa to become more self-sustaining.  Monetary contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by the law.  Please consider giving not only an annual gift but also making a recurring gift online.  Use out share links below to tell others about Staff of Hope.

* GIFT MATCHING – As we post this we have heard from a long time donor saying they would match any donation up to $20,000 until the end of 2012Please consider giving an extra $10 or more and have your gift matched.

Thank you to all our supporters you are making a real difference.

Most Sincerely,

Staff of Hope and our Board of Directors


Traveling to Kenya

In August of 2012, Andrea Radford of Durham NC, traveled to Kenya as part of a medical mission to the Elray Woerman clinic in Karero and the Oloile Secondary School in Kimana. On her return Andrea shared her stories and photos of the trip and what she saw and took away from the experience.

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Golfing for Water in North Carolina

Thanks to all our attendees and sponsors who helped us raise over $5,000 at the 1st Annual Staff of Hope Golf Tournament on April 23rd. We had a great day meeting and playing with new and old friends alike. A special thanks to our platinum corporate sponsors OvertonsCrown Honda, Pro-Marine Boat Sales and Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt, PA.

Photos courtesy of Dottie Taylor


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