The Vision

Staff of Hope was started in 2001 by a group of seminary students in response to a severe drought in East Africa. This disaster forced the displacement of one of their classmates families. Failing to find another organization that was able to assist with long term solutions in the Southern Kenya area, this small group formed Staff of Hope.

Since that time the organization has grown guided by a vision of helping people lift themselves from poverty with sustainable long term solutions and becoming resilient to events like drought, famine and economic shock.

These goals are achieved through 3 main focus areas.


The access to clean water is a necessity for life, that often comes as great cost to those in East Africa. Climate and geography contribute to making consistant water supplies a scarce commondity. Well drilling is the quickest, most economical and lasting method for providing reliable and safe water.

Well drilling in this area if difficult. Remote sites and depth requirements often in excess of 500 feet require special equipment and skills. Staff of Hope has acquired both by carefully managing capital investment and developing the talent and experience of drilling personnel. With the rare combination of close ties to served communities and possessing advanced drilling capabilities, Staff of Hope is positioned to best match need with resources. 


A key element of making the next generation of Africa self-sufficient is education. Going beyond simple literacy, our goal is to prepare young adults to make significant contribution to their families and society at large.

In 2007 Staff of Hope completed the Oloile Secondary School in Kimana Kenya. With a student population of over 200, Oloile fills a critical gap in the availability of education, especially for girls. In 2012 Staff of Hope completed the addition of a 100 bed girls dorm to extend access to even more at risk students.

Health Care

In many rural parts of Kenya, even rudimentary first aid can be several days walk. Routine and preventative care like vaccinations are rarely available.

In 2008 Staff of Hope opened the Elray Woerman Clinic in Karero Kenya. This clinic is the only medical facility with 150 miles and serves an immediate community of over 4,000. By providing services from hygiene training to life saving emergency treatment, the clinic serves as a hub of hope for Karero. This is a proven model of how Staff of Hope engages with communities and other partners to make long term improvements in the outcomes of the people we serve.

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