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Teaching Today, Preparing for Tomorrow

December 2018 

Staff of Hope opened Oloile Secondary School in rural Kenya in 2007. Everything from the design of buildings to what and how we teach is intended to help our students have a successful future. Our girl’s dorm has mirrors, running water, and is guided by Kristen, who helps these young ladies grow in their Christian faith as she helps to prepare them for life in the city. Our dining hall and soccer field are the largest in the area, so we are the host school for many events.

Now in his second year, our Principal, Mr. Kiseu, has a vision to help our students improve their experiences at school. He wants the students to be involved in clubs such as the Christian club, environment club, farm club, dance and drama club, science club and computer club, all in addition to athletics and regular classroom work. Mr. Kiseu leads a group of young teachers that are excited to be a part of helping their community grow and prosper. Two of our teachers are graduates of Oloile. They went on to get their teaching degrees and have returned.

How can you prepare for a successful future without computers? Although it is currently housed temporarily in a regular classroom, Oloile Secondary has the largest computer lab in three counties. Our fifteen laptops enable us to teach these students from the rural areas how to use a computer. We hope to eventually have a permanent computer lab with double the capacity. Computer science is now a required course for our school.

Staff of Hope is excited Oloile has grown to 150 students. We believe a quality education is key to the success of a developing country. With that in mind, we are planning on re-starting our Pastors training seminar to help local pastors lead their communities in deeper ways. We are excited about 2019 and beyond. We are thankful for your partnership in prayer and in your generous financial giving.

Please prayerfully consider making a financial gift, to help our neighbors in East Africa to be more self-sufficient. Monetary contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by the law.

Please consider giving not only an annual gift but also making a recurring gift online. Please share this letter about Staff of Hope with your church, school, or business.

Please consider the impact your gift will make:

$10 Plants, trees, grass at our school

$20 School supplies (science equipment, books, paper, pencils, etc.)

$40 Goat helps a family to be self-sustaining $100 Cow helps a family to be self-sustaining

$120 Teacher’s salary for a month

$200 Additional lighting at school

$400 Board a student at our school for a year

$1,000 New Security measures at our school

$5,000 Construct girls’ restroom

$7,000 Painting all of school (except Dinning Hall - done in 2018)

$_______ General Donation (any amount where most needed)

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Thank you! Together we are making an impact!


The Staff of Hope Board of Directors


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